Care Guide: How to Care for Your Purchase

You ordered your tutu or shirt and it was delivered to you. You tear into the packaging and put the shirt/tutu/headband on your little. After some wearing, your little has done their typical damage to an item. You're probably wondering how do you clean your item to make sure that you get the most out of your purchase. I'll give you that info right here:

Tee Shirts: Most of my shirts are mainly cotton poly blend with a heat transfer vinyl decal on them. Wash these inside out with like colors in cold water. I recommend hanging to dry but if you are adventurous feel free to dry on low heat.

Tutus: Mattie 2 Mase tutus are made of 100% nylon makin them soft clouds of awesomeness. Being that they are so soft please do not wash them in the washer! They are only meant to be spot cleaned. After your little wears their tutu you may need to straighten the tulle for future use.

Headwraps: Our wraps are made with 100% cotton and you can wash and dry as you normally would a shirt. Iron with a warm iron to remove wrinkles.

There you have it an easy care guide for some of our items! If you have any questions please let me know!



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