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We are looking for some moms with killer photography skills to join our Brand Team. When you’re on our team you’ll help us rep our brand across multiple social media platforms by providing high quality photos and be apart of an awesome community. 

Here are some examples of where the photos we are looking for below. One thing that all these photos have in common is that they are clear, high quality, and don’t have heavy editing done to them.


So you may be wondering what else is needed or what the rules are, I won’t hold you in suspense any longer! You must enter on Instagram @mattieandmase.



 -Accounts must be public

 -Must follow our Instagram, Facebook, VIP page and participate in emails, group direct message AND group Facebook page. •

 -Must like/comment dropped posts

 • -Must REPOST sales and certain new items, etc.


 -Must not participate in ANY bullying (no tolerance) •

 -Must make a 1 time initial purchase before receiving any promotional items. •

 -Must participate in certain giveaways and contests


 -Must represent our company well, and suggest our company when relevant. •

 -Must have bright, clear photography


 -Must NOT use editing apps to alter child's overall appearance (eye enhancing, filters, etc--- there's a good impression on our favored photography style represented here on our feed)


 what you get


 -30% off ALWAYS (with exclusion to custom orders) •

 -Free items on occasion (AFTER initial purchase) {Shop Credit} 


 -Fun giveaways and games exclusive to our reps

 • -A community of supportive mom's and babes!



 Please comment below if you have any questions on how to join our brand community!

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